How secure is my data with Backup Artist?

Backup Artist provides great control and flexibility when it comes to data security. Here is an overview:

  • Backup Artist offers optional encryption (performed as soon as the backup data is generated) using industry standard methods such as AES 256 bit encryption and ARC4 encryption. Backup Artist’s encryption ensures 100% data privacy since the encryption keys are known only to the end-user.
  • In addition to encrypting the backup data, Backup Artist provides an option to transfer your data from your computer to cloud via secure 128-bit SSL.
  • Backup Artist client software directly transfers data to the cloud. The data is never sent to any PC Elements or third-party servers.
  • Once transferred to cloud, your data is safeguarded by Amazon strict access and security policies. (The security policy of Amazon S3 security is available here ).

Is Backup Artist HIPAA compliant?

With proper configuration Backup artist helps you maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations. When applied to cloud backup, HIPAA regulations apply in two areas – data privacy and data security.

Data privacy: You need to configure Backup Artist to transfer the backup data to cloud over 128 bit SSL channel. You also need to enable encryption so that data is encrypted, even before it leaves your computer. We offer two encryption methods, both of which are secure and maintain complete privacy since the encryption keys are owned and managed completely by the end user. This means once data is encrypted, it can only be decrypted by the customer and not by any other third parties, including PC Elements and the cloud storage provider (Amazon).

Data security: Backup Artist’ backup data is directly uploaded to the cloud and is never sent over to PC Elements or any third party servers. Once uploaded to cloud, the cloud provider (Amazon) safeguards and manages the data per their security and access policies. You can refer to Amazon’s security policies here: Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes.

For more information about HIPAA compliance, please see

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