How does Backup Artist compare with other backup software?

Some of the key differences are:

  • Data retention: Others provides inflexible data retention period of 30 days only. Using others you will not be able to recover your Exchange, SQL or a file going back in time for more than 30 days. With Backup Artist you control for how long you want to retain your data &mdash from 0 days to forever.
  • Live application backups: In comparison to others, Backup Artist supports live backup of many more applications. E.g. Others does not support live backup of MySQL, Oracle or SharePoint, whereas Backup Artist has built-in functionality for all of these applications.
  • Control and own your data: With Backup Artist, you own and control your data completely. The Backup Artist data archives stored on robust, public clouds and are in a well-known open format (ZIP64) and can be accessed by users directly. As opposed to this, others store data in proprietary format, and only way to get to your own data is through their interface.Also, Backup Artist offers geography control. Once you choose a cloud location (say Europe or Singapore), the data always stays within that geography. This may be required for regulatory compliance or for other policy reasons. You have no such control with “Others”.
  • Durable storage with well-known SLAs: Amazon is a market leader in cloud services and adhere to well-advertised and understood access and security policies.

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