Easy + Scalable + Affordable Get Started

Trusted Cloud Storage

  • Our cloud servers guard your Data at a robust, SLA backed storage cloud
  • Data stored in SAS 70 Type II certified data centers
  • Control exactly where your data will be stored
    • Choose from 7 regions in US, Brazil, Europe, Singapore or Tokyo

Data Security


  • Keep data encrypted at all times by using military grade AES 256 bit encryption or ARC4 encryption
  • 100% data privacy. Encryption keys entirely controlled by the end-user.
  • Transfer data securely using SSL
  • HIPAA security compliant

We Are Flexible

  • Fully customizable backup policies
  • User defined backup data retention. No 30-day limit.
  • Leverage external or network drives for faster restores. Unlimited local backups.
  • Fully customizable scheduling of backup and uploads
  • Pause and resume uploads to cloud when needed

Backup & Protect

  • Protects Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, & 2012 Servers
  • Live backup of SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL & Oracle
  • Backup open/locked files, e.g. Outlook PST files
  • Backup Windows System State (including Active Directory) – enables bare metal & disaster recovery
  • Backup internal, external or network-mapped drives


One of our technicians at PC Elements Corp. will install the Backup Artist software on your server and configure it by selecting type of backup, what to backup, and when to perform the backup among other settings. Backup Artist will run on your server without causing conflicts with other applications.


Backup Artist can backup 1GB as well as 1TB of data without a problem. You will have access to an unlimited cloud storage. When more data is stored on your server,  more data will be backed up to the cloud without space limitations; your cloud space will increase in size as your storage needs changes.


Cloud Storage used to be expensive, but high demand for cloud services has made it affordable. With just a couple of cents per gigabyte, you’ll have the peace and tranquility that your data is backed up. If the worst happens, you will be able to recover what keeps your business running, its data.